New video out. Building a scorched Kalimba.

Tombstone Kalimba — Building and playing an antique looking black Kalimba. Keeping it raw and honest.

Body is scorched Hickory, finished with Tung oil and Candelilla wax. Tines are Chinese imports blued for an antique finish. I used hand tools only. Tuned in C, thirteen notes total. All melodies improvised on the spot.

To live like a tree individually and free but brotherly like a forrest that is our desire. — N.H. Ran

Eating Kebab somewhere in good‘ol 🇩🇪. Haven’t been much in the workshop lately. This is all I have for today. Oh, and love, always love. Don’t forget.

I believe this to be my uncle‘s first guitar.

If I remember correctly he gave it to me when we found it in the house he grew up in after my grandpa died.

I’m going to give it a new life as something else. After removing the guitar’s bottom I found a date written in pencil stating „16.10.55“ or 16th October 1955.

Stay tuned…