Started building and recording a new project. A few notes:

  • It’s gonna be a box.
  • All box sides will have knots and cracks. A theme I chose to explore after studying the stock I’m using.
  • The film’s theme turns out to be Charlie Chaplin listens to Jazz.

I updated my About page. This is what I came up with:


This is my blog. My name is Nik Surff. You may call me Nik.

calm creator. learning to stand like a tree.

I’m trying to actively design this life around the elements that fulfill me most. With a newly found focus I’ve narrowed these down to craftsmanship, music and meditation. One another open in their interpretation they allow me ample room to explore, grow and share what I learn. This website is documentation of my journey.

My mission statement:

entertain.teach.inspire –

Feel free to send a note to nik[at]lazylife[dot]ninja. And find me on YouTube or Instagram or Twitter .

β€” Nik Surff

Hand plane surgery.

Giving my Ulmia jointer a tighter mouth. In addition I removed the tote for a planned Krenov style ergonomic makeover.

Write Always, Publish Happy

You might have read the following quote before:

Write drunk, edit sober.

A long, long time ago a gentleman named James attributed it to Ernest Hemingway, went on to write an interpretation and published it. This interpretation was followed by Janine who had a different take on said quote, followed by many others. And then there were space ships. Never mind, I’ll spare you the details.

I came up with you my own version:

Write always, publish happy.

With the intention to leave small footsteps, at best, I’m hereby promising that I won’t publish a single post while being in a lousy mood. Nothing good ever comes out of sharing your thoughts while being in a bad state of mind.

Writing always helps—I noticed—hence the first half. However I don’t wish to publish everything I ever put on paper, especially while troubled with negative thoughts. In case it turns out there was a lesson to be learned I might want to edit my writing and conclude on a positive note. Once I’m in a sunnier place, that is.

In short, this blog shell never serve as a space for moaning or barking.

I value my readers and want you to leave here with a positive mind.

Making Poor Man's Guitars

I cannt stress enough the importance of listening to good music as you build. What songs do you want to play on your cigar box guitar? Deep Delta blues? Old time Appalachian? Play those songs through your stereo as you build, and your hands will unconsciously shape and mold the guitar toward those sounds. — Making Poor Man’s Guitars by Shane Speal.

I’ve been wanting to make a cigar box guitar for a while. Ready for a deep dive into this book. πŸ“š

More info on “Making Poor Man’s Guitars”