Write Always, Publish Happy

You might have read the following quote before:

Write drunk, edit sober.

A long, long time ago a gentleman named James attributed it to Ernest Hemingway, went on to write an interpretation and published it. This interpretation was followed by Janine who had a different take on said quote, followed by many others. And then there were space ships. Never mind, I’ll spare you the details.

I came up with you my own version:

Write always, publish happy.

With the intention to leave small footsteps, at best, I’m hereby promising that I won’t publish a single post while being in a lousy mood. Nothing good ever comes out of sharing your thoughts while being in a bad state of mind.

Writing always helps—I noticed—hence the first half. However I don’t wish to publish everything I ever put on paper, especially while troubled with negative thoughts. In case it turns out there was a lesson to be learned I might want to edit my writing and conclude on a positive note. Once I’m in a sunnier place, that is.

In short, this blog shell never serve as a space for moaning or barking.

I value my readers and want you to leave here with a positive mind.