To live like a tree individually and free but brotherly like a forrest that is our desire. — N.H. Ran

Eating Kebab somewhere in good‘ol 🇩🇪. Haven’t been much in the workshop lately. This is all I have for today. Oh, and love, always love. Don’t forget.

Costa Rica 2017.

While on a three months martial arts retreat in late 2017 I had a few hours downtime each afternoon… All we had at hand was a machete, a battery drill, one drill bit, a dull chisel and a hammer. I managed to make (a) the wooden training dummy with freshly cut bamboo harvested from our backyard (b) a driftwood/ bamboo legged table for our daily tea ceremony and eastern philosophy sessions and © a weight lifting/ nap time bench from a board of unknown origin I found on the property.

Daily harvested bananas and coconuts helped supply energy. Weekend trips to the beach cleared the mind. And the view…well I had never seen so many shades of green in my life.

Good times. Indeed.

Write Always, Publish Happy

You might have read the following quote before:

Write drunk, edit sober.

A long, long time ago a gentleman named James attributed it to Ernest Hemingway, went on to write an interpretation and published it. This interpretation was followed by Janine who had a different take on said quote, followed by many others. And then there were space ships. Never mind, I’ll spare you the details.

I came up with you my own version:

Write always, publish happy.

With the intention to leave small footsteps, at best, I’m hereby promising that I won’t publish a single post while being in a lousy mood. Nothing good ever comes out of sharing your thoughts while being in a bad state of mind.

Writing always helps—I noticed—hence the first half. However I don’t wish to publish everything I ever put on paper, especially while troubled with negative thoughts. In case it turns out there was a lesson to be learned I might want to edit my writing and conclude on a positive note. Once I’m in a sunnier place, that is.

In short, this blog shell never serve as a space for moaning or barking.

I value my readers and want you to leave here with a positive mind.

stay wonderful & use your hands

A screenshot of the new video I’m uploading right this moment.

It documents the adventure I had building the sawhorse in the background. Stay tuned.

At last. Snow has fallen from the heavens.

The door in the background leads to the garage wherein my tools reside. Haven’t been in there in a while. Money trumps passion these days.

Goodbye Auckland

Discovered the following lines I typed into my notebook while in New Zealand last year. Bought my first ever car to travel at my own pace. I owned it for two months. Don’t intend to buy my second car anytime soon—unless I’m moving in, of course.

Here I’m sitting on the brink of Auckland. Ordered my last meal a moment ago: BBQ ribs and fries. Concluding a week of eating out. Burgers, Pizza, Burritos. Leaving for the country side—camping gear onboard—I’ll be going back to cooking my own meals out of the back of my wagon. A 1999 Toyota Vista Ardeo. Not that you cared, a funny car nonetheless.

My Grandma is turning 82 years old today 🥳

This is my very first attempt at relief carving. I found it to be a satisfying process. Will continue to practice.

Clean Bathroom

Until about a week ago I tried a bunch of the common methods to keep the bathroom clean. Scheduling cleanup for a specific day of the week, for example. Or intending to clean it once it feels dirty.

None of these ever worked for me. If I plan to clean the bathroom on Mondays, I remember Monday evening and push it to Tuesday. On Tuesday I forget. When I plan to clean the bathroom once it looks dirty, it stays dirty for a week before I get to finally clean it.

The pathroom has been clean for a week.

The following is not an original idea but here is what I’ve been doing for the past week:

Keep cleaning detergent and a cloth in the bathroom. Before the daily shower spray and wipe down the toilet. While in the shower clean surfaces and appliances. After shaving—which involves hair going everywhere—spray and wipe down the sink.

It takes less than a minute each time and the bathroom has been almost spotless ever since.

I find myself doing a smiliar routine in the workshop. Before leaving the space I put back my tools to where they belong, clear any surfaces and sweep the floor. This gets me excited to return the next day with a clear mind to a tidy shop.

Also I make my bed every morning, delighted to slip back in at night.