Tombstone Kalimba

Building and playing an antique looking black Kalimba. Keeping it raw and honest.

Body is scorched Hickory, finished with Tung oil and Candelilla wax. Tines are Chinese imports blued for an antique finish. I used hand tools only. Tuned in C, thirteen notes total. All melodies improvised on the spot.


Building a Japanese style toolbox for the purpose of keeping trumpet mouthpieces inside. Made by hand with the help of Jazz and a sprinkle of Chaplinesque humor.

I was asked to build a keepsake box and decided to try myself on a Japanese toolbox design. While looking for pieces of straight grained wood I spontaneously changed course and picked the knottiest I could find. Cut out of a board of Basswood. The accents are Lacewood—or Pearlwood where I’m from due to the grain pattern being reminiscent of pearls. Finished with a Spar Varnish/ Turpentine/ Boiled Linseed Oil 1:1:1 mixture and a coat of homemade paste wax.

Adventures in D.E.

Building sawhorses i.e. workbench trestles using construction grade German spruce and American maple wedges employing Japanese joinery by hand without glue. Finished with Soap.

You Can’t Kill The Metal

Restoring a smoother, a block plane and a spokeshave/ chamfer plane.

I brought all planes to a a brushed finish before finishing two with tung oil and candelilla wax and one with spray paint. And because that’s barely intriguing I had a little fun with the editing.

Stay tuned for more.